History of the association

Goals / Vision:

Our organization’s main objective was and remains to „support development aid, especially for non-profit projects promoting child and youth welfare as well as other non-profit projects in Kenya“(excerpt from our by-laws).

In so doing it is of utmost importance to us to stay in direct, friendly contact with our Kenyan partners and to leave them as much room for maneuver as possible. Despite the necessary financial oversight and transparency we do not foreground money but development cooperation. We learn from each other and with one another!

The Team

The small circle of eight foundational members has grown into a sizable group of 27 active members, who every two to three months come together from all over Bavaria and Austria to make decisions and plan activities for the good of the children. Here is a photograph from July 2017:

From left to right, front row: Johannes Schittler, Christoph Schaller, Katharina Friesinger, Barbara Hansen, Jürgen Hansen, Stefan Walk, Marco Struck

From left to right, back row: Birgit Walk, Barbara Krohne, Helen Milkau, Beatrice Oxenius, Reinhard Riegg, Evi Karg, Martha Krieglmeier, Jimmy Kilonzi, Kathrin Walk, Andrea Struck, Vuyisile Ngwenya, Elisabeth Schmid

Not pictured are: Anita Wimmer, Lisa Gutsch, Peter Riegg, Robert Suske, Maria Riegg, Roman Martschitz, Rosalie Hörnle, Anne Roll, Maxi Klement, Dagmar Nuber

Our Board of Directors

Helen Milkau – Barbara Krohne – Anita Wimmer

All members of our association feel connected to Kenya, work as volunteers, and personally know our Kenyan partners.

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