Graduation Day at Maisha Mazuri Primary School

Wednesday, October 25th: It was a big day for the students of Maisha Mazuri Primary School, as three classes lined up for their ceremonial farewell. The so-called PP2 was released from kindergarten to primary school. According to the new school model, Primary School will now be completed with Class 6 and will be taught in the Junior School from January, although this is still located on the property and premises of the Primary, but operates according to a completely different concept. And then this year, there was the very last Class 8, those students who are now moving on to secondary school, the really big ones with 14 years and older. For them, school begins in a completely new boarding school, new environment, new teachers, new system.  The joy is generally very great. There is also great enthusiasm on this day, and so the parents and visitors and the other pupils are recited poems and songs are sung, certificates are ceremoniously handed over and countless photos are taken. Even those that are not celebrated have important functions to perform, whether it is raising the flag, greeting the guests of honor or distributing the cake. At the latest by the time we have lunch together, everyone is the same again and everyone gets their share. An exciting day for the whole school community and a great start to the long holidays, if it weren’t for the exams for our Class 6 and 8 candidates, which unfortunately still come after the celebration… Good luck to all candidates!

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