2023-11 internship report by Paula, Deana und Klara

On October 19th, after a long journey, we finally arrived at the MCC and were warmly welcomed. First, we were given a tour of the area and met a few of the staff of the Maisha Mazuri Children Centre and the Secondary School. When the children came back from school in the afternoon, we immediately forgot about our tiredness and interacted directly with the children. In the next few days we got a feel for everyday life at the MCC, made chapati for the first time and visited the farm. Although it was very exciting and new, we enjoyed the time with the children very much and were grateful that we were able to slowly get to know life here.
On October 25th, the last day of this school year here in Kenya, we accompanied the children to the “Graduation Day” celebration in the Primary School. After many different demonstrations by the children, especially dances and songs, we were allowed to watch how the children were presented with their certificates or certificates. Thus, the children were released for the two-month vacation. On the same day, two members of our German organization, Barbara and Julia, arrived. They visited the MCC for a week.
In the days that followed, we worked with Mercy to create our schedule for the next few weeks. We came with some ideas, which we will now be able to implement in the coming period.
We also took part in a workshop on “Child Protection” together with the staff of the “Primary” and “Secondary School” as well as the “Skill Centre”. Among other things, topics such as “personal space” and the right way to deal with children were discussed. We also held a workshop with the children on how to brush teeth properly. Both the children and we had a lot of fun. It was also pleasing that the kids participated very well.
As a highlight of our first two weeks at the MCC, we cooked spaghetti with tomato sauce together with the children. The kids loved the noodles and put a lot of effort into it.
We are very much looking forward to the coming weeks with the children!
Asante sana!
Paula, Deana und Klara
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