Kick-off for the Campus Bakery

“A dream came true” are the words of home economics teacher Madam Anita at the Academy of Maisha Mazuri as she happily looks around the new school bakery. For three months we renovated and planned, and then immediately put the pedal to the metal with rolls, bread, muffins and chapatis, but the list of baking wishes and sales ideas is of course much longer. Customers were immediately found at the school and in the MCC children’s home, but now it’s time to conquer the neighborhood and show everyone what the students at the secondary school are learning and already able to do with teacher Anita and the employed baker. The group of enthusiastic home economics students around Teacher Anita is large and not only baking and cooking are part of her skills. The sewn curtains in the school’s own computer lab are also convincing, as are the new covers that protect the computers from dust. And if only there were enough material and time, every room would be spruced up with curtains. But back to our bakery, which is to become so large and profitable that it is self-sustaining and gives all interested students the opportunity to learn and practice baking and economics. After all, buying and selling economically and keeping accounts are also an important part if you want to stand on your own two feet later on.  The Stefan Krause Foundation/PMK Foundation has made this first permanent practical project possible and is providing financial support until the bakery stands on its own two feet. Thank you very much for that!

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