Annual General Meeting on October 16, 2021

Annual General Meeting on October 16, 2021

Every other year we hold a general meeting of our association. As the meeting had to be cancelled in 2020 due to the Corona pandemic, we are pleased that we could hold the meeting on October 16th. About 30 members met at Hart Castle (close to Edling) around 10 a.m. Also, we were happy to welcome some Maisha Mazuri partners as well.

Fortunately, Christoph Schaller, one of our active members, was able to share first-hand experiences and information, as he had just returned from a three month stay at Maisha Mazuri in Kenya. Christoph shared pictures and explanations as well as answers to all questions regarding the children, the building, and the process in general.

Second on the agenda, the board (Barbara Krohne, Stefan Walk and Anita Wimmer) shared a detailed presentation of the financial situation and the cash report (approved by the auditors), and was then officially discharged with great applause. Their excellent work over the past years is greatly appreciated.

Third on the agenda, the new board was elected: Barbara Krohne, Helen Milkau and Anita Wimmer will be the executive board members for the next two years.

The general meeting ended with a social get-together and lunch at the restaurant. Special thanks to our hosts Jule and Rosi, who organized fantastic and delicious tapas for us.

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