Visit MCC – November 2021
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This November 2021, Barbara Krohne and Helen Milkau (board of Hand in Hand für Kenia e.V.) visited the Maisha Mazuri Children Centre and its children and staff. Their visit was only short, so time was precious. There were many conversations with the staff about all new developments. The MCC building and compound are very well-kept, which we have to thank our new employee, who has been taking care of the facilities and the animals since July. The children, especially those who have not been at MCC for a long time, have been fully integrated and there was nothing left of their initial shyness last year. The country urgently needed rain as the rain season didn’t live up to its expectations. And that led to existential fear among the people. They predicted another famine, should it not rain soon. Kimeu, the MCC farmer, explained that he was desperately waiting for the rain as he needed to plant new vegetables, fruits and crops. The river close to the MCC usually provides lots of water this time of year, however, it was completely dried up. The MCC water tanks were also empty, which is a challenge especially to our chef Julius. Self-sufficiencywithout having to purchase a large amount of food is one of the MCC’s highest goals, however, without rain the shamba would not provide as much food. And then one night it finally rained and filled the river with more water than everyone could have hoped for.

A highlight of their visit was the trip to the nearby swimming pool with all MCC staff and children, which to some of them was a completely new and exciting experience. When it stopped raining everyone was ready to leave. Everyone had a lot of fun in the swimming pool and on the playground nearby. The fact that there was no engine in the carousels did not bother anyone – luckily there were Hiwis. The pictures speak more than a thousand words – everyone was quite excited and happy. The trip ended with a delayed lunch, sodas, biscuits, and melons.

Fortunately, the rain didn’t stop then, and Kimeu was finally able to do the long-awaited plantings with the help of everyone at MCC, including our two volunteers.

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