70th Active Meeting and 10th Annual General Meeting on October 21st, 2023

On October 21st, 2023, our circle of activists met, as well as some members of the association, who accepted the invitation to the subsequent regular annual general meeting.

Since the agenda was again very packed, we started directly with the Academy of Maisha Mazuri & Boarding School and urgent topics such as improving grades, exchange and communication between students, teachers and management, frequent teacher changes, as well as the recurring topic of facility maintenance.

Afterwards, Kathrin Walk and Elisabeth Hauber presented the volunteer plan for the next six months. Fortunately, there is a lot of interest in working on site and so there is only one place left until next summer. More places will be available from autumn.

Our active circle also enjoys energetic new support and so we were able to redistribute tasks and responsibilities and are very grateful for a team of different ages and new ideas.

Britta Wittmann started the Annual General Meeting with a great photo report, which was filled with the latest information from her stay on site (see also her reports under the heading Internship Reports). The activities of the association in Germany during the past two years as well as the most important changes on the ground in Kenya were the subject of the report, which Barbara Krohne presented with the support of many pictures. Helen Milkau gave a short update on the Maisha Mazuri affiliate program and the number of affiliates. This was followed by a detailed presentation of the financial situation and the cash report (which was also confirmed by the cash auditors), which then led to the unanimous discharge of the entire board of directors (Barbara Krohne, Anita Wimmer, Helen Milkau) by those present. With great applause, our three “bosses” were dismissed from their offices and then directly re-elected, because all three made themselves available again for two years. Thank you very much for that!

The ambience and the service at the Hotel and Gasthof Neuwirt in Hallbergmoos were just right and at the end many questions and ideas could be exchanged over a cozy dinner together.

Many thanks to everyone who was there and to the whole team of Gasthof Neuwirt.


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