2023-12 internship report by Paula, Deana und Klara

With the new month, there was also something new for the children to learn. Together with them, we held a workshop on the topic of “washing hands”. Firts of all, we first playfully worked out how germs spread and that it is therefore important to wash your hands regularly. Afterwards, we discussed the individual steps and put them directly into practice.
We have been baking a lot in these past two months. We baked sweet goods and cakes. The children not only gave their all in baking, but also always made sure that there was certainly nothing left over.
In order to challenge the children during the holidays, one of the events we organized was a “Spelling Contest” so that everyone could prove their spelling skills. In ‘Creative Arts’ the children could make bracelets, a photo garland, bookmarks and much more. Also, their primary school teachers taught them maths, languages and sciences to close any gaps by repeating the school material of the previous year. It was also very interesting for us to see how the lessons are held here. We particularly liked how each individual student was treated individually according to their needs. It was a full success.
We were allowed to accompany Mercy to the “home visits” for the first time. We got to know different families and their stories. For us, it was a very valuable, but also emotional experience to be able to see the conditions under which people live here. We particularly remember that unfortunately there often is a lack of money for medical care, which prohibits necessary treatment.
Another new but less nerve-wracking experience for us was not cooking pancakes in the pan on the stove as usual, but on the traditional charcoal-heated chapati ovens. To our surprise, however, the frying worked surprisingly well, so that the children could later enjoy their pancakes with jam and cinnamon sugar. To get into the Christmas spirit, we baked cookies with the children and then decorated them with icing and sprinkles.
As a highlight, we went swimming with the kids last week. Although the sun was not on our side from the beginning, everyone enjoyed the trip to the fullest. They bathed and splashed until their teeth chattered from the cold. We ended a perfect day with chips, sausages and soft drinks.
We are very grateful for the wonderful time and the valuable experiences we were able to gain at the Maisha Mazuri Children Centre. We will especially miss the shared moments with the children.
Asante Sana! Thank you very much!
Paula, Deana und Klara
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