Visitors from Kenya

For the first time in the past two years we were able to welcome two of our Kenyan MCC staff members in Germany: Joseph, our long-time social worker and medical officer of the MCC and Victoria, our new internship leader at the Academy of Maisha Mazuri.

The primary goal for the two of them was to get to know our possibilities of dual training, such as the internship and branch system of a German middle school (Sir-William-Herschel-Mittelschule in Ingolstadt), the municipal vocational school for the hotel, restaurant and brewing industry with its own brewery and beer tasting in Munich, or the FOS/BOS school system in Wasserburg with its internships in 11th grade. In addition to that, they visited many of our loyal schools such as the Theresien-Gymnasium in Munich, the Realschule Markt Schwaben and the Franz-Marc-Gymnasium. There they were able to do presentations of their work in Kenya and talk to the students. Unfortunately the Gymnasium Gaimersheim had to cancel due to corona.

Very interesting for them was to spend a day with the general practicioner Dr. Claus Camerer in Weßling and the visit to the outdoor kindergarten in Herrsching and the Montessori elementary school Aufkirchen. On the agenda as well were small city tours, a visit to a beer garden, Nymphenburg and Eichstätt and, of course, a meeting with the trust members.

The highlight for both, however, probably will always be the snow that enchanted Munich and the surrounding area into a winter wonderland and visibly left an impression on the two.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all participating schools, kindergartens, companies, doctors, the Munich City Library, the TSV Herrsching as well as all active people and friends from Hand in Hand für Kenia – without you, these days would not have been possible and above all not so exciting!

Asante Sana



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