The second construction phase begins

There is good news for the construction of the 2nd wing of the boarding school building, for which around 127,000 euros are needed. For the two other boarding houses, as well as an outdoor kitchen with a large seating /meeting area (equal to an auditorium), Sternstunden e.V. supports us once again, this time with 97,000 euros. Thank you very much! The association itself must contribute a share of 30,000 euros. The rapid approval of the subsidy allows a quick start of construction, so that nothing should stand in the way of completion by the end of the year. This is urgently needed and wonderful at the same time, because from 2023, Kenya will switch to a new school system and luckily enough, we will then be able to switch from 4 to 6  classes with each 30 students in our school. Moreover, most of them will be “boarders”, boarding school students and thanks to the generous support of Sternstunden e.V., all boarding school students will be able to live, eat and grow on our campus. The large seating area will then be used not only for meals, but also for meetings with or without parents, performances of the school theatre and other school groups and last but not least for some teaching requirements and exams.

The biggest challenge we are currently facing is the increase of prices for (raw) materials and their availability. Was well as almost everywhere else in the world, prices have been at their high as a result of Covid and now also due to the war in the Ukraine and inflation. Some things are simply not available.

Despite everything, we look forward to the completion of the second and thus last area of the boarding school as well as the outdoor kitchen, because with it the Academy of Maisha Mazuri can go fully into operation as a boarding school and run with full number of students. Thus, the income from the school fees will then finance the running costs. At the same time, a larger number of students means that many extra curricular courses can be offered. The internships in local companies and shops have already been very well received by students and companies. We are delighted that Victoria has become such a role model and dedicated employee when it comes to this job-preparing component. Construction and completion of the boarding school buildings are a very important step on the way to leading the school into long-term independence.

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