Charity run in Ingolstadt-Friedrichshofen

We would like to thank the primary and secondary school Ingolstadt-Friedrichshofen and above all we thank all diligent runners for the successful charity run and the donation of over 2000 euros to our children’s home! How wonderful that the donation could be handed over, so to speak: The mother of our intern Tobias had launched the campaign and during a visit to Kenya in December, the family brought not only a symbolic check, but also cookies, sweets and small cards with Christmas and New Year’s wishes.

We would also like to thank all our hardworking readers, all generous sponsors and the great organizing team of Hepberg Primary School for your and their great support and a wonderful donation of 1,336 EURO!  Also this money goes 100 percent to the children in the Maisha Mazuri Children Centre.

The donations were used to finance, among other things, the exhaust system for the outdoor kitchen, which was so urgently needed to remove the dangerous smoke that is produced during cooking. . – doesn’t it look fantastic!?

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