The end of a taboo subject – open talks for women
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It is the aim of the Kenyan association Wezesha Binti Foundationto talk openly about subjects and matters addressing menstruation-problems for women. Until today, many girls and women in Kenya stay at home during their menstruation for a lack of pads, because of discomfort, shame, or superstition. They miss out on school or work for several days as there is no possibility to access any form of hygienic products. For these reasons we are more than happy to be able to offer a workshop for our girls at the MCC, organised by the aforementioned foundation. To their main aims belong actions such as ‘tackle the issue of period poverty, fight menstrual stigma and empower our beneficiaries’. Another important topic that has been discussed throughout the workshop is the problem around violence against women, their reactions, and the possibility to prevent such experiences.

The Wezesha Binti Foundationalso distributed reusable pads and explained their care, use and hygiene.What an important initiative. Many thanks as well to the initiator Severin Kiehling from promoting Africa.

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