Sustainability at MCC
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Electricity from the socket and light at the push of a button – this is how things have been working at the Academy of Maisha Masuri since December 2019, thanks to the support of the Schmitz Foundations. A photovoltaic system supplies the classrooms, including the computer room and kitchen/utility room, with electricity, as well as the temporary dormitories and teacher/rector’s offices. Solar lights were added to the campus grounds during the pandemic-related non-instructional months. Since darkness falls early near the equator, students and faculty wanted lighting on the pathways between buildings. With the new lighting, everyone feels safer walking from the computer or library room to the dormitory building in the evening, or walking to the bathroom and restroom at night.

The new restrooms were also completed in time for the 2021 school year. Six girls’ toilets, six boys’ toilets and two teachers’ toilets are now connected to a biological treatment system. A three-chamber treatment system ensures that wastewater from the toilets is adequately treated before it is collected in a fourth clean water tank and then pumped into the elevated tank. From here it runs back into the flushing system of the school toilets and as wastewater back into the biological treatment process. The cycle is closed. This construction measure could also only be carried out with the support and funding of the Schmitz Foundations.

Flush toilets

fixed at the buildings
three-chamber treatment system underneath the stones
Solar Lights
Solar panels on the roof
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