Our visit in Kenya – June 2024

As always, we tried to fit as much as possible into the limited time available. This of course included the Maasai Market in Nairobi for new souvenirs for our events in Germany and a cheerful pool day with all the children, organised by our volunteers Christine and Robin. During a very extensive visit to the Shamba, we saw everything that we had previously only seen on the planting plan and had learnt from the team discussions. Of course, the floods also left their mark on our farm and a lot of crops were lost, but thanks to the terraced planting, we got off lightly. At least the river is now flowing well.

To our delight, the Biodigester is running perfectly for MCC, school and boarding school, i.e. all the water is actually being reused! And the second great joy is that with Phreatic aqua solutions we have a very reliable partner for service contracts. We now hope that we can also achieve this success with them for the photovoltaic system.

We spent a lot of time and had intensive discussions with the headmaster and deputy headmaster of the Academy of Maisha Mazuri as well as the individual teachers, especially those of the three subjects (home economics with our bakery, agriculture, computers and business). Of course, this also includes the planning of internships and special programmes by our internship coordinator Vicky.

We are happy to welcome Beatrice, the evening homework teacher, to our MCC team. And as always, we enjoyed the intensive and direct conversations with all team members at the MCC. It is a special privilege to work with our team.


For anyone wondering about the frequency of our visits, we can assure you that all our visits to Kenya are not paid for by donations, but by the travellers themselves.

Helen Milkau, Barbara Krohne



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