Back to school at the Academy of Maisha Mazuri
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After schools have been closed for the most part in 2020 it is quite an event that students can now return to our Academy of Maisha Mazuri. The ones among them who were going to have their final exams in 2020 were already allowed back to school in October 2020.
Despite the euphoria among children and teachers, a lot things are not the same anymore. Following certain Corona rules such as wearing a mask and a constant check of temperature are now part of the new school routine and life at the Academy. Many pupils also need new school-uniforms after the long school-break. But, things have not only changed to the negative. The free time at school was also used to improve the equipment of certain classrooms and the entire building in general. The ‘science lab’ for Physics and Chemistry is now complete thanks to the great support of Rotary München Hofgarten. Toilets have been transformed into toilets with biological treatment and cleaning, Solar lights now support the safety on site at night time, and every classroom is connected to the necessary drainage system. Many more school books were also bought with the support of Cusanus Stiftung as well as a large copying machine – again thanks to a very generous donation.
We are expecting an exciting new school year with a significant reduce of holiday periods to make up for the missed school-time in 2020. Regardless of all changes and challenges we are more than happy to welcome back our students and look forward to be together in this coming year.

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