Preview 14-15 December 2012 – Little stall at dm-Market in Wasserburg

Like in the beginning of 2012 we are again supported by dm-Market in Wasserburg/Germany (Edling, Staudhammer Strasse). This time we will run a small stall in front of the shop on Friday, 14th December 9.00-12.00 am and Saturday, 15th December 9.00-14.00 pm. There will be homemade pastries to enjoy right away or to take away. In addition dm-Market will offer hot punch from of the blue elder.

12 October 2012 – A short visit to the wajibuwetu family

Here we are, delivering the colourfully designed game of „memory“ to the Wajibuwetu children, the game that was very enthusiastically created by our members at this summer’s great Bavaro-Kenyan feast. We were also happy to hand over new bathing costumes for the short holiday the kids are about to take. In addition, there was an envelope filled with drawings by the kindergarden kids from Neufinsing as well as a charming letter to the foster-parents of our orphanage. And we ourselves brought new toothbrushes and felt-tips for the boys and girls of Wajibuwetu. After a brief chat over a cup of tea, we were off again, to be replaced very shortly by our new intern, Fabienne, whose arrival is expected in the near future.