A Donation Appeal for Our New Construction Works

Dear friends of WW, as we have recently reported, the plans for our new building project have, in the meantime, been sent to Kenya and will be submitted to the local authorities for building permission as soon as (at long last) the title deed will have been completed (we’ve been waiting for that since October)

All being well, we may start with our first building activities as from July this year. We are still looking for sponsors who are willing to support us. Any donation with the tag “new constructions” will be booked in our special „building pool“

You have the option to donate complete installations, parts of building units or single objects (from € 180 – € …). We are happy about any contribution, no matter how big.

Every donor, if he or she so wishes, will be named on our homepage. Firms are invited to send us their logo and a link to their homepage, which will equally be published on our website.

Please find attached the elements which we would like to offer – symbolically of course – for sponsoring:

  1. Preparatory works, excavation and disposal of rubble – 1635 Euro
  2. Foundations – 5000 Euro
  3. Anti-termite treatment – 2688 Euro
  4. Steel reinforcement – 2451 Euro
  5. Bricklaying (walls) – 8660 Euro
  6. 18 wooden doors and their frames – each 108 Euro
  7. 2 steel doors – each 181 Euro
  8. Locks for all doors – 734 Euro
  9. Plumbing (plus materials for it) – 386 Euro
  10. Electrical installations (plus materials for it) – 819 Euro
  11. Sanitation facilities – 5000 Euro
  12. Septic tank – 10879 Euro
  13. Roof truss timber-work – 8167 Euro
  14. Roof ridge – 655 Euro
  15. Roof tiles – 6364 Euro
  16. Solar modules – 20000 Euro
  17. Other small and unexpected expenses

If you would like to support us, you are invited to do so here, indicating the building component concerned.



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