Aug 2011 – A journal of our trip The Hansen family, Lisa Böning and Bernhard Gutsch

Spell-bound by Kenya

That’s the motto that might well sum up our journey. In Mid-August, seven Europeans set out from Oslo and Munich in order to visit the Kenyan wajibu wetu family and to continue – or start – their exploration of the country of Kenya (from left to right: Jürgen, the 2 Barbaras, Timo and Noah Hansen, Lisa Böning and Bernhard Gutsch).

We were afraid that a basic knowledge of English would be essential for our 3 German kids communicating with the Kenyans, but we were soon relieved to see how wrong we had been: communication, understanding and even friendship are not dependent on words!


We adults, too, were soon captivated by the charm of the WW-kids.


An excursion with the whole WW-community to the wonderful Lake Naiwasha Resort was already the first highlight of our trip. Everyone enjoyed themselves to their heart’s content – what a marvelous day in the company of our big family!



A two-day safari will make any future visits to the zoo superfluous. The Mara Siria Camp constitutes the ideal starting-point for wonderful gamerides into the Massai mara.


After our return, we spent a few days at the home. We used this precious period for many discussions, for a meeting with the president of the Kenyan wajibu wetu trust, Dr. Wamagunda, and for a visit to the neighbouring tea plantation.


Apart from that we tested our German-Kenyan cooperation in various fields so that everyone could show his strong points and we were able to learn a lot from each other.



The climax of our stay was again a service at the house by Father Peter, who, in his charismatic and very personal way simply enchants everybody! The songs and dances of the children contributed to an unforgettable evening.



Kwaheri, dear Kenyan wajibu wetu family – we’ll be back!!

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