1 August 2012 – A report on the Bavaro-Kenyan Summer Feast

On Sunday, July 29th, the Edling Association of wajibu wetu – hand-in-hand for Kenya, in conjunction with the landlord and landlady Detlev and Gusti Viergutz, invited all interested guests to the Schächinger Mühle Tavern for our Bavaro-Kenyan Summer Feast.[singlepic id=189 w=160 h=120 float=]

29 July 2012 – A Bavaro-Kenyan Summer Feast in Edling

Detlev and Gusti Viergutz allow us to use their tavern, the „Schächinger Mühle“ for a Bavaro-Kenyan Summer Feast! We enjoy music and culinary specialities from both countries. A wide variety of children’s activities ensures that adults and youngsters alike are well entertained. The profit goes to Wajibuwetu – our kids in Kenya.

26 July 2012 – Street Festival in Edling

SFor three years now the Huber family from Edling have been organizing a street festival for Wajibuwetu. It was a wonderful get-together in high spirits and with barbecued fare.
A cordial „thank you“ goes to the Huber family and to the many generous contributors!

25 July 2012 – traditional sponsored run at the Franz-Marc-Highschool in Markt Schwaben

The annual sponsored run in support of Wajibuwetu has already become a regular feature in the school life of Franz-Marc-Highschool in Markt Schwaben. This year, once more, numerous pupils and a considerable part of the staff have participated very enthusiastically. Many thanks for your indefatigable zeal, and, of course, also to the untiring sponsors: parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts, shops and businesses!

February/March 2012 – Second Report by Hannah Ziegler

The last one and a half months just flew by. The excursion to the “Karura Forest” (very close to Nairobi) with the whole community was certainly a very special day for everybody. It was a great change for all. It was arranged with the help of several Dutch UN-employees and their families. One of the families lives on the very edge of the forest, so we first had biscuits and juice before proceeding into the forest. This was a great opportunity for everyone to run around and let off steam. Afterwards, in honour of the occasion, we had pizza (luckily, only two weeks before, I had made pizza with the kids, so they weren’t too much taken aback) and ice-cream for dessert. Already at that point the day would have been a complete success, but, on top of all that, everyone received a farewell present. Just like in the shoe-box action at Christmas time, the presents were allocated by age and gender. It was really an extremely eventful day, full of exciting memories, just like children really need it from time to time!